No. Name of the project, funded by, year, project leader
1. Noetic indicators for sustainable development, MANU, 2006-2008, J. Pop-Jordanov
2. GHG Abatement Analysis and Projections of Emissions MANU, 2004-2006, T. Bosevski
3. Negentropy and sustainability indicators, MANU, 2003-2005, J. Pop-Jordanov
4. Advanced methods for technology risk management, MANU, 1997-1999, J. Pop-Jordanov
5. Energy and Environmental Models, MANU, 1996-1998, J. Pop-Jordanov
6. Radiation Doses of Inhaled Ash from Lignite Power Plants, Ministry of Science, 1994-1996, T. Bosevski
7. Thermal power plants and development, MANU, 1994-1996, J. Pop-Jordanov