Acad. Alajdin Abazi

Ac. Alajdin Abazi was born on 1 November, 1942 in Tetovo. In 1965, he graduated from the Faculty of Electrotechnics in Zagreb and he earned master degree in 1973. During the 1974/75 academic year, he resided in Great Britain at the University of North Wales in Bangor as a visiting scientific researcher in the topic: “New Dialectical Materials.”

He earned his Doctorate in electrotechnic sciences in 1977 at the Electrotechnical Faculty in Zagreb, in the topic of “Storage and Neutralization of Electro Static Charge in Thin Isolation Films”.

From 1979 to 1981, he held the position of Dean of the Technical Faculty, University of Prishtina and in 1985, he was appointed as a full professor of electromagnetics in the Department of Electrotechnics.

In 1981, as a visiting professor in the Peoples’ Republic of China in the Academy of Science and Arts he gave lectures in the field of electrotechnics and dielectric materials.

During academic year 1981/82, as a Fulbright Scholar he resided in the United States, working as a visiting professor in the University of West Virginia in the Physics and Electrotechnics Department. There he continued his scientific research in field of dielectric materials and applied electrostatics.

In 2001, Ac. Abazi was appointed Director of the Foundation of South East European University in Tetovo. Shortly after, he established the SEE University and was appointed as a Rector of the SEE University.

He is member of Academy of Science and Arts of Macedonia, 2006.

Since 2010 he is Rector Emeritus at the SEE University.

Ac. Alajdin Abazi has published more than 100 scientific and professional works.

The scientific and applied work of Ac. A. Abazi is multidisciplinary. Based on his published works, lectures, presentations, and scientific research projects, basic fields can be distinguished:  dielectric materials, theoretical electrotechnics and electrical measurements, energy, environment protection and education.


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