No. Name of the project, funded by, year, project leader
1. Implementing the national energy and climate plan and developing the long term strategy of Romania, European Commision  PricewaterhouseCoop, 2021-2022, G. Kanevce 
2. Building Greener and Safer Future for North Macedonia - Support for Development of Programme for the Implementation of the National Strategy for Energy Development up to 2040, 2020-2021, G. Kanevce
3.  Development of energy efficiency policy and measures, as part of the Energy Development Strategy until 2040, The UK Government (UK DFID) - PricewaterhouseCoop and LLP, 2019, G. Kanevce
4. Thermal, techno-economical and legal aspects of different heating options for individual apartments in buildings connected to a district heating system, Energy Regulatory Comission of Macedonia, 2018-2019, G. Kanevce
5. National Energy Development Strategy for the Republic of Macedonia until 2040, The UK Government (UK DFID) - PricewaterhouseCoop and LLP, 2018-2019, G. Kanevce
6. Technical Assistance to Modelling Energy Consumption in Households, Energy Community, 2017, G.Kanevce
7. Technical support to the Energy Community and its Secretariat to assess the candidate Projects of Energy Community Interest in electricity, gas and oil infrastructure, and in smart grids deployment, in line with the EU Regulation 347/2013, 2015, G. Kanevce
8. Assessment of the impact of the Energy Efficiently Directive, 2012/27/EU, if this is adopted by the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community (EC), Energy Community, 2013-2014, G. Kanevce
9. Regional Energy Security and Market Development (RESMD) Strategic Planning – Phase II, USAID, 2011-2012, G. Kanevce.
10. Advanced Control Concepts for More Microgrids, EU FP6, 2007-2009, J. Pop-Jordanov.
11. Solar Water Heaters, Austrian Govern, 2005-2008, J. Pop-Jordanov.
12. Renewables for Isolated Systems – Energy Supply and Waste Water Treatment (RISE), EU FP6, 2004-2007, J. Pop-Jordanov.
13. Energy Efficiency Strategy for Macedonia, USAID, 2002-2003, T. Bosevski.
14. Energy Sector Development Strategies, Electrotek Concepts – USA, 1999-2000, J. Pop-Jordanov, T. Bosevski.
15. Fossil Fuel Energy Strategy, Electrotek Concepts – USA, 1998-1999, T. Bosevski.
16. Renewable Energy Strategy, Electrotek Concepts – USA, 1998-1999, J. Pop-Jordanov.
17. Skopje Energy Efficiency Demonstration Zone, SECI, 1998-2000, Ј. Pop-Jordanov.
18. Optimization of Building-Integrated and Grid Support Photovoltaic Solar Systems for Macedonian Conditions, US-Macedonian Fund, 1997-1999, M. Ristov.
19. Establishment of a Country Specific Database for Macedonia, Containing Technical, Economic and Environmental Data for Electricity Supply  Strategies, IAEA, 1996-2000, J. Pop-Jordanov.


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