On the domestic level, the Center is founder and organizer of the scientific forum “Challenges and Shadows of Science”, that is periodically held in MANU. Several thematic sessions have been organized so far: World science day; Strategy – yes or no?; What kind of science is required by the EU?; Why small countries need good science?; and Horizons of microelectronics.

In order to enhance the inclusion of scientists from Macedonia in the European research programs, the Center, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, has organized several workshops targeted towards preparation of projects for the open calls of EU research programs.

On invitation of respective ministries, the Center was actively included in formulating and revising the answers to the questionnaires of the European Union for the sectors of Energy and of Environment.

In the organization of the Center, the “Young Scientist of the Year” prize is awarded, this year for the sixth time.


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