No. Name of the project, funded by, year, project leader
1. Cross sections for Collision Processes of Light Atomic and Molecular ImpuĀ­rities in Fusion Edge/Divertor Plasmas, IAEA, 2009-2012, R. Janev.
2. Production Process for Industrial Fabrication of Low Price Amorphous-microcrystalline Silicon Solar Cells (LPAMS), EU FP6, 2004-2007, M. Ristov/B. Soptrajanov.
3. Generation, Compilation and Evaluation of atomic and molecular data for fusion plasma diagnostics, IAEA, 2001-2005, R. Janev.
4. State-selective electron Capture in Slow Collisions of H, He+, Li2+ and Be3+ in Ground and Excited State with Fully Stripped Plasma Impurity Ions, IAEA, 2000-2001, R. Janev.
5. Adiabatic Theory of Direct Ionization in Slow Atomic Collisions, US-Macedonian Fund, 1997-2000, E. Solovjev.
6. Mion Catalysis and Application, MUCATEX, 1996-1998, E. Solovjev.
7. Low-energy Collisions Processes of Ions with Atoms and Solid Surfaces, IAEA, 1995-2000, J. Pop-Jordanov.
8. Theoretical Study of Slow Collisions of Hydrogen Atoms, IAEA, 1994-1995, J. Pop-Jordanov.


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