No. Name of the project, funded by, year, project leader
1. Development of theory and application of the inverse approach to thermaltechnique, thermalenergy and process technique, MANU, 2007-2009 G. Kanevce
2. Quantum dynamics of atomic interactions, MANU, 2007-2009, R. Janev
3. Quantumtheoryofatomic-molecularcollisionprocesses, MANU, 2004-2006, R. Janev
4. Inelastic processes and reactions in slow ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions, MANU, 2001-2003, R. Janev
5. Electrochromism of nickel oxide thin films, MANU, 1999-2001, M. Ristov 
6. Solar, fusion and annihilation energy transformations, MANU, 1998-2000, J. Pop-Jordanov 
7. Photovoltaic properties of multilayer thin films, produced by electroless and spray-pyrolysis method, MANU, 1996-1998, M. Ristov 
8. Transparent conduction thin films, MANU, 1993-1995, M. Ristov


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