On the ground of success on the open calls of the European Union, ICEOR is accepted as a Center of excellence, fulfilling the criteria of the world Inter-Academy Council that address the standards for such centers.

The Center is a focal point for Macedonia of the International Database of IAEA and the World Solar Process of UNESCO. Also ICEOR is the residence of the Macedonian National Committee of the World Energy Council and the national Committee for Climate Change as well as the Member of International Network of Center for Sustainable Development.

The Center was the residence of the multi-disciplinary EU COST Action “Electrical Neuronal Oscillations and Cognition”, with participation of more then 80 scientific institutions from 27 countries from all continents, begin the first such European project managed outside EU.

All this contributes to the affirmation of Macedonia in EU countries, as well as to the promotion of European criteria in the domestic science. 





Research Center for Energy and Sustainable Development of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Bul. Krste Misirkov 2, P.O.Box 428 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: +389 2 3235 420
Fax: +389 2 3235 423