No. Name of the project, funded by, year, project leader
1. Optimization and Performance Enhancement of Complex Networks Using Sensors, Department of Navy-Office of Naval Research, USA, 2010-2013, L. Kocarev.
2. Enhancing the scientific study of early autism: A network to improve research, services and outcomes, EU/ESF COST, 2010-2014, J. Pop-Jordanov.
3. Neuronal Electricity and Neurofeedback, TUBITAK, 2009-2011, J. Pop-Jordanov.
4. Consciousness: A Transdisciplinary Integrated Approach (CATIA) EU/ESF COST, 2007-2011, J. Pop-Jordanov, L. Kocarev.
5. Advanced Methods for the Estimation of Human Brain Activity and Connectivity, EU/ESF COST, 2007-2011, J. Pop-Jordanov.
6. Diagnosing Vulnerability, Emergent Phenomena, and Volatility in  Man-made Networks, EU FP6, 2007-2010, Lj. Kocarev.
7. Upgrading the research capacities for safety and health effects of human exposure to electromagnetic fields (SAFE-EMF), EU FP6,  2007-2009, L. Grcev, N. Pop-Jordanova.
8. Communication Network Data Analysis, Hungarian Government, 2006-2010, Lj. Kocarev.
9. Electric Neuronal Oscillations and Cognition (ENOC), EU/ESF COST, 2005-2009, J. Pop-Jordanov.
10. Chaos Synchronization and Analyses of Experimental and Clinical Data, NATO, 2001-2003, J. Pop-Jordanov.
11. Bioinformatics and Neurofeedback, Sarafov Donation, 2001-2007, J. Pop-Jordanov.


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