No. Name of the project, funded by, year, project leader
1. National Energy Strategy for the Republic of Macedonia ,USAID and Ministry of Economy of RM, 2014, G. Kanevce 
2. 2013-2017 Action Plan for Realization of the Energy Strategy in the Republic of Macedonia until 2030, World Bank and Ministry of Economy, 2011-2012, G. Kanevce
3. Nuclear Energy Utilization in Macedonia – Strategic Study of the Needs, Benefits and Requirements, Government of the RM, 2011, G. Kanevce 
4. Strategy for Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources in the Republic of Macedonia by 2020, Ministry of Economy of  RM, 2009-2010, G. Kanevce 
5. Development of Methods for Strategic Planning in Energy Sector, MANU, 2009-2013, G. Kanevce 
6. Strategy for Energy Development in the Republic of Macedonia until 2030,Ministry of Economy of  RM, 2008-2010, G. Kanevce 
7. Optimal operation of the power plants in the Power System of Macedonia, MANU, 2007-2009, T. Bosevski.
8. Multifunction solar cells, MANU, 1999-2001, M. Ristov 
9. Economic and Environmental Aspects of the Partial substitution of lignite-fired fuel with oil in the existing power plants, OKTA Refinery, 2002-2003, T. Bosevski
10. Operation regimes and the determination of the electricity production for HPP Boskov Most, ESM, 2001, T. Bosevski.
11. Hydro power, natural gas and nuclear energy in the Power System of Macedonia, 2000-2002, T. Bosevski 
12. Thin film solar cells, MANU, 1999-2001, M. Ristov 
13. Model for planning the operation of small economically autonomous power system, MANU, 1999-2001, T. Bosevski
14. Application of IAEA-planning Methodologies for the Power System in Macedonia, MANU, 1997-1999, T. Bosevski 
15. Status and Perspectives of Nuclear Energy, MANU, 1996-1998, T. Bosevski
16. Advanced Model for Power System Operation, Ministry of Science, 1996-1998, T. Bosevski
17. Study on the Development of the Power System of Macedonia, UNDP and Governments of Austria and Macedonia, 1996-1998, J. Pop-Jordanov and T. Bosevski
18. Solar energy generator SEGIS – Initial study, MANU, 1993-1995, J. Pop-Jordanov


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