MSc. Verica Taseska

Verica Taseska-Gjorgjievska was born on 22.04.1983 in Ohrid, Republic. Macedonia. She completed her primary and secondary education in Ohrid. In 2001 she enrolled for the undergraduate studies on the formerly known Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Skopje, now Faculty of ngineering and Information Technology, at the department of Power System Engineering. She completed the studies in June 2006 and in October, the same year she enrolled for postgraduate studies at the department of Transmission and Distribution Systems. In July 2011 she acquired the title of Master in Electrical Engineering.
From November 2006 until today, Verica Taseska-Gjorgjievska works in the Research Center for Energy, Informatics and Materials of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ICEIM - MANU). In the period from 2006 - 2012 as a Junior Research Assistant she participated in the work of many foreign scientific research and strategic planning projects in the field of energy, renewable energy and the environment (with emphasis on the impact of climate change). As part of ICEIM-MANU team, she participated in the development of the Energy Development Strategy and Strategy for utilization of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Macedonia. In May 2012 she was elected as a Research Assistant. 
During her work, Verica Taseska-Gjorgjievska has published multiple scientific papers and has presented her research in many international conferences. She is also the author and co-author of several scientific papers in the field of energy planning and renewable energy sources, published in several international journals.



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