Biljana Gjoneska

BILJANA GJONESKA, MD, is a researcher at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a PhD student at “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Her research activities are emphasized in the area of Social and Cognitive Neuroscience and synthesized in two major domains of interest:

    - Neural correlates of group behaviour and decision making, Neuropolitics, Neuroethics

    - Brain electric oscillations and cognition, Neuroinformatics.
In addition to being a young scientist she strives to undertake the role of a young physician leader by active participation in six international (EU FP6/FP7/ESF funded) and one national project. Dr. Gjoneska is involved in all stages of project planning and execution by embracing various roles, with special emphasis on the role of a National Committee Member in one EU/ESF COST Action. As such, she was responsible for the management, coordination and promotion of the highly interdisciplinary area of cognitive neuroscience on national and international level through fruitful collaboration with young enthusiastic, as well as experienced professionals.

The aforementioned pillars of her academic achievement are additionally supported by a range of scholar and scientific activities in the neuroscience domain such as: active participation in numerous training events (seminars, workshops, summer schools and e-learning courses) and various scientific events (conferences, congresses and symposiums). The strong educational milieu, providing optimal conditions for development of scientific potential, resulted in 18 scientific publications (13 of which are signed by her as a first author).

In her pastime she nurtures her love for neuroscience, verbal intelligence and words in general, on a fairly different level. Namely, she writes prose and poetry, exploring wide array of sound literary devices. For more information please refer to her official homepage (



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